Doreen Virtue Goddesses and Angels CD Review

51FM5DW3A1L._SL160_Expand your spiritual horizons with Doreen Virtue’s Goddesses & Angels 4-CD: Awakening Your Inner High-Priestess and “Source-eress”
If you are ready, this narrative can expand your thoughts on allowing your Arch Angels to help and guide you.

I purchased Doreen Virtue’s Goddesses and Angels CD about a month ago and had only listened to the first of the 4 CD set. I was able to listen to the remainder of the recording while traveling to my parent’s home for Thanksgiving weekend. It makes for great listening in the car when driving alone.

In this narrative, Doreen goes into significant detail describing her contacts with her spirit guides and guardian angels as she and her husband travel around the world. She begins the first CD by describing a trip to Sedona, Arizona where she participated in a sweat lodge cleansing ceremony and then proceeds to visit Cancun, Glastonbury, Hawaii, Australia and even Lourdes for some amazing spiritual experiences.

Through her travels, she lets you in on a bit of her life and how she connects with her angels, which are available to all of us. I found this part most interesting and learned quite a bit about how to connect to many of the Arch Angels and Goddeses like Michael, Raphael, Gabrielle, Uriel and many more.

Doreen also tells of her observations about the Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children, many of their traits and characteristics and also gives some advice on how to connect with these types of children.

Doreen also discusses etheric cords and how they can lead to energy drainage, excessive giving without regards to self-nurturing, and negative people and attitudes.

One of the things that really resonated for me about this CD set was listening about Doreen’s experiences connecting with her angels and finding out how easy they are to call into your life.

The spirts have a lot to communicate to us these days, and I would highly recommend this audio CD for anyone interested in learning to connect with their Guardian Angels and divine guidance.

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