11-11-2009 A Special Day

11-11-2009 is special day in Numerology. It is known as 33 Universal Day. It is a day where the three master numbers of 11, 22, and 33 all line up into a perfect triangle. This article, Tarot.com 11-11-2009 explains it in further detail.

This site, Creative Numerology, also has a fairly extensive article on what this day represents.

Personal Effects

I woke up this morning feeling incredibly discombobulated. Nothing seemed the same this morning and I wondered how much the energy of this special day was affecting me. After a few hours of not being able to concentrate on the tasks in front of me, I remembered I had not cleared out my chakras nor done any type of white light protection this morning, as I usually do.  I found a few quiet moments at work and went about doing the chakra clearing.

After doing the chakra clearing, I envisioned myself protected by a beautiful white light. I then added a extra layer of green protection around myself. I felt much calmer and relaxed after this re-centering. The rest of my morning has gone along at a much smoother pace.

In the minutes leading up to 11:11 am, I did a brief meditation and these are some of the words that came across clearly in my mind: a new beginning, increased awareness, consciousness, an open doorway, more to learn, just the beginning, and 2012.

I would love to hear your comments as well. Did you have any odd things or synchronicities happen to you today?

Wishing you a peaceful, loving day. Give extra hugs all around to your friends and family. Love to all.


Laurra Warnke

Laurra Warnke is an empath and intuitive healer who helps you heal past life issues, emotional traumas, and reconnect with your Divine self. Through spiritual business mentoring, soul level healing, and energy clearing she helps you clarify your life’s purpose, embrace your soul level gifts, and clear energetic misalignments. Heal lifetimes of trauma, get new direction, and find your passion.

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