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Learn how numerology can translate the letters in your name to show you personality traits about yourself. Find out how to calculate your personal numbers.

Learn about tarot cards, what to look for in a good reader, how they work, review of tarot decks, and explanations of what makes a successful reading.

Learn how to use a dowsing pendulum to precisely access subconscious information. Find instructions on how clear, program, and word dowsing questions.


Pendulum Dowsing for Intuitive Accuracy

Pendulum dowsing is a method of learning to access your intuition by asking specific yes and no questions of your higher self. Learn how to achieve a greater level of intuitive accuracy by using a dowsing pendulum. Why Pendulum Dowsing? This method of divining is a useful tool for answering many of the questions that […]

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Professional Tarot Readings

Professional Tarot readings are a way to gain an overall idea of what is currently affecting your life. Choose a professional reading to help you access your intuition when you are at a crossroad or sticking point in your life. Why Have Professional Tarot Readings? Many people decide to have tarot readings when they are […]

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Choosing a Good Tarot Reader

Learn how to choose a good tarot reader by understanding your needs and expectations. Understand what makes a successful tarot card reading. Find useful tips to connect with someone that is a match in personality, trust, and ethics. Many tarot readings are also combined with psychic readings for a well rounded experience. Learn more about […]

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Learn About the Tarot

The Tarot is an age old way of accessing your inner knowledge and intuition. Find information on learning how to read tarot cards, interpretations and card meanings, and getting a professional reading along with formatting questions. Learning to read the cards is another method of developing your psychic abilities. Check out one of my favorite […]

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Tarot Cards – How do they Work?

Tarot cards can give you an overall view of what is currently going on in your present life. Find information and explanations of how the cards work, interpretations, card meanings, how to use tarot cards and where to buy card decks and books. Along with your current situation, they can also give you a reflection […]

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Angel Number 1111 | What Does The Repeating Number 1111 Mean?

Find out the spiritual meaning of 11:11 – A conscious spiritual journey and wake-up call for lightworkers. Are you searching for the meaning of 11:11 because you keep seeing repeating number sequences? Here are some thoughts on what this number means. I have written before about other repeating numbers like 000, 111, 12:12, 222, 333, 444, […]

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11-11-2009 A Special Day

11-11-2009 is special day in Numerology. It is known as 33 Universal Day. It is a day where the three master numbers of 11, 22, and 33 all line up into a perfect triangle. This article, 11-11-2009 explains it in further detail. This site, Creative Numerology, also has a fairly extensive article on what […]

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